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Main Menu

Cauli florets/Fresh cheese cubes in sweet hot potatoes and sour glaze sauce and onions

Crispy turnovers filled with coriander seeds and onions

Boneless chicken sautéed with chilli onion ginger and peppers

Fresh cheese cubes sautéed with chilli onion ginger and peppers

Ginger garlic marinated lamb chunks With Black pepper

Shrimp pan fried in masala sauce and Spices

Fried with gram flour and spices, served With Chutney’s

Fried with gram flour and spices, served With Chutney’s

Boneless marinated chicken fried Sauteed with curry leaves

Gram Flour with onions, spinach and Potatoes

Ground Lamb Meat stuffed

Marinated boneless chicken

Marinated Salmon

Lamb Cubes Marinated yogurt, Ginger, garlic and spices

Boneless Chicken in sour cream, mint, Coriander Powder & cumin

Spices and Yogurt marinated bone in Chicken served on turmeric onions, peppers

Fresh Cheese cubes Marinated in sour cream and Spices

Fresh cheese potato balls creamy sauce

Spinach cooked & fresh cheese cubes

Slow cooked black lentils, Punjabi Specialty

Yellow lentils cooked with cumin

Fresh herbs spices and bell peppers

Potatoes and cauliflower with masala

Chickpeas curry

Mild, sweet creamy textured

Creamy tomato sauce with bell peppers onions

Okra, Onions and dry mango powder

Shredded eggplant with onion tomatoes

Creamy Tomato Sauce peppers onions

Marinated cheese cubes in tomato sauce

Cashew Paste, Cream, Masala, fresh cheese cubes

Fresh cheese cubes, peas curry

Cooked with dry spices peppers and onions

Creamy tomato sauce peppers onion

Mild sweet creamy texture with almonds

Buttery sauce with mild spices

Authentic Indian curry cooked in spices

Yogurt mint cream and black pepper

Coriander cream and mild spices combined

Hot Spicy potatoes spices

Mild Sweet Creamy Textured sauce

Cooked in dry spices peppers onions

Ground lamb spices and peas

Goat in Authentic spices curry

Black pepper tadka and ginger

Chick peas curry with fried flat bread

Potato curry with fried wheat bread

Butter on top

Minced garlic on top

Plain naan

Minced ginger on top

Stuffed Mozzarella cheese

Stuffed chopped onions

Stuffed green chilli & Mozzarella

Stuffed with cashews almonds raisins

Ground meat stuffed

Made with Whole wheat

Fried cheese balls in cardamom syrup

Shredded carrots cooked in dense milk

Ice cream base topped with chia seeds and rose syrup

Cottage cheese Rounds in dense milk

Sweet rice pudding

Well, doesn’t need to explain that!

Yogurt drink with saffron mango pulp

Ginger Cardamom cinnamon milk

Yogurt drink with Mint Cumin salt

Ginger cardamom mint green tea

Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper

Instant Coffee & milk

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